Secrets of

Psychic & Mediumship Development Workshop

To attend, you don't need any prior psychic development experience. You won't be called upon to speak in front of others or do anything outside of your comfort zone, although many find that they feel more comfortable and courageous; free to speak and fully enjoy the process of self-discovery. To attend, you only need a desire to open your heart and be amazed at how much you know that you didn't know that you know.

This workshop is different from any Lysa has ever given. It goes much deeper; revealing more about who we are and why we are here, thus healing us on a level beyond what we've currently experienced.

It is for those who desire to know themselves, trust themselves, and express themselves completely. It is intense. It is uplifting. It is highly personal and completely private.  Lysa will share intimate secrets of her path of psychic and mediumship development. She will engage you in fun, awe-inspiring exercises and one-on-one techniques for you to fully experience and trust yourself and others.

During your workshop, you will experience your innate psychic and mediumship abilities. Lysa doesn't just speak about them, or give you exercises to do once you get home. During the workshop, you will have a direct experience of knowing things you have no idea how you know, and you will learn to use this newfound knowing in your daily life.

If you have lost a loved one, you will learn how to connect with them and how to know it is they, not your own voice, speaking to you. You will learn how to tell the difference between a spirit's voice and your own, and how to remember to trust yourself, your perceptions, your truth.

During this Workshop, you will:

*Develop your innate psychic abilities (even if you think you have none)

*Look at a photo of a person and know intimate details about their life (or death)

*Know the difference between a spirit’s voice and one’s own

*Recognize the sign’s of the spirit world

*Begin to trust your instincts and follow them

*Know intimate details about a person minutes after you meet

*Use your psychic intuition to create amazing relationships

*Learn to heighten your innate psychic ability

*Quiet that negative voice in your head (the one that just said, “What voice?”)

*Discover Your Soul’s Purpose for this lifetime

*Stop doubting yourself and start speaking your truth

*Feel clarity about your life purpose and have the inner knowing to follow your soul

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