Dear Lysa,

I want to thank you for a truly amazing evening last night.  You are awesome and the experience has changed my life. I have recently separated from my husband after being married 13 years (together for 18 years). I've been crying a lot this week.  Your story & strength have given me hope. I realized that since being married, I lost a part of myself that I forgot existed.  Also, that I am making the right decision to end my marriage.  Most importantly, I have a lot to live for.


Thank you again for allowing us into your home.  



Lysa, If you had told me a year ago I would catch a flight to Florida just to attend a psychic workshop, I would have thought you were loony. I was impressed with how well some people were connected - it's an amazing gift. Jeanne was very intuitive and I think she would have greatly enjoyed the experience. She probably thought my being there was a real hoot.

The next to last exercise was very emotional. I was trying to visualize my home and personal data for the person that was "reading" and it felt like the images were being sucked out like they were going into a zip drive. It was overwhelmingly emotional. I thought surely she would have a ton of info to feedback, but had surprisingly little. Don't know where all that stuff went.

I want you to know that in the on-going bout with grief, when I think I'm losing the round, I listen to my session tapes. They are the best grief counseling I could ask for.

Oh yeah, if you recall telling me that you were seeing butterflies on pottery Jeanne and I collected, I realized right after the session that Jeanne was showing you my line of sight from where I was sitting. I was looking right at them.

You're the best.

Jim Cleveland


Hi Lysa!!!

The workshop on Saturday night was phenomenal.... I enjoyed it so much and was healed by my presence there...thank you!  I knew it was spirit's work as I felt the room and was led where to sit that night.... your experiences served as a mirror for me.  I really feel our spirits bonded in a very special way. Thank you again!

Knowing you are basking in the wonderful miracle of now,

Connie Diaz


Dear Lysa,

I've already used tools I learned in the workshop and have experienced my new abilities. I enjoyed listening to you and working with Danny. He has a great energy! Sunday was particularly sad since it was our first Easter without Josefina. I kept envisioning her excitement over her Easter basket, colored eggs, and candy. I could see her in my minds eye, jumping up and down and running around with big wide eyes. Monday morning was also a struggle and I was depressed. Once I realized where my depression was coming from, I seemed to dwell on how much I miss her.

Suddenly, a voice started to say, "Knock it off Dad!" I tried to quiet the voice down and continue in my depression, but it wouldn't let me. I kept hearing "Knock it off Dad!" I finally realized that the words were not my own thoughts and that they were coming from Josefina. I thanked her for her reassurance and acknowledged her communication. My depression quickly went away. Thank you for making us aware of the abilities we have, but have not used fully.


Please know that you are a gift in our life.


Love, Armando Cerda


Lysa................wanted to let you know what a terrific time Sandy Gomez and myself had at your workshop. It's fun to see how "psychic" we all really are. 

The exercises we did were fun! I don't know if you remember me mentioning a red sled. Well, afterwards, Sandra and I went to Bennigans to eat, and right above the table on the wall was a red sled! Interesting...

Keep in touch and I truly wish you and your family continued good health/blessings/and success!        

Look forward to seeing you again!

Carol Figgins


Lysa, I attended your workshop this past Saturday in Fort Lauderdale and just wanted to thank you for an awesome night! I had a blast! You look fabulous as usual and your energy is just so uplifting and joyous! And Danny is very hot!! Best of luck to the both of you and thanks again for such a wonderful evening. Hope you come back to the area again soon.

Love, Linda


Lysa, Congratulations on a fine workshop. I am not sure all the participants realized the significance what they were able to do with your guidance.  You make it so easy for them. It was a valuable experience and certainly under priced.

With love and light,

Eugene Steele


Hi Lysa, Thank you so much for having me in your home for your L.A. workshop on July 16th. You were a complete joy to listen to and hear what your thoughts were. You really helped me to know it is ok to have this ability. I do hope to have a reading with you soon, as I have a few questions I feel I need some explanations for and closure. Thank you Lysa, God bless you for what you are doing and may the rest of your life be filled with much love and happiness.

Carolyn Ransom


Dear Lysa, Thank you for providing me with an incredible experience.  You are awe-inspiring.  With grace and humor, you lead us from one challenge to the next.  I'm thoroughly impressed and so happy to have been included in the night. Thank you, thank you, and thank you....


With love, Michelle


Good Afternoon Lysa,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for Saturday. It was wonderful to be surrounded by like individuals and not feel that I had to stifle what is part of me. Thank you for allowing me space, and individuality of being myself. Saturday was my 4-year anniversary of moving here. Your workshop was a positive way to celebrate it. I hope you enjoy the quote I have sent you, for it sums up my feeling of what transpired for me Saturday. God bless, and I will stay in touch.

All the best,

Leisa Elliott 


Hi Lysa: Thank you for the extraordinary experience this past Saturday (7/17 in Santa Monica) your workshop was awesome.  You are such a special person and I wish you and Danny lots of happiness and love.


Kellie A. Hubert


Lysa, Thank you so much for the incredible experience. It was intense that I found Marisol at your workshop, and we are now talking. What a beautiful person. I think my gift is on an empathic level that's how I respond to animals mostly. It's one of the reasons I took your workshop. I wanted to explore that more. Thank you again!

Peace, Asha Astrid



The workshop was fabulous!!!  You did a fantastic job!  I really felt that I learned a lot and I am aware of some changes within me already. I enjoyed seeing your cutie Danny again, too.  He exudes such warmth so I can see why you are together. So nice of the men to help you out.  Your Dad seemed to be having a great time--he is so cute!  I know you will have a ton of emails but I just wanted to thank you, as it was wonderful. That last exercise was terrific.  The woman I was paired with identified so many things about each other.

Love You, Sharon


Workshop Letters