Prepare for Your Session with Lysa

Most people feel a mixture of excitement and nervousness before having a session with Lysa. Allow yourself to experience whatever feelings come up; knowing your session will bring more peace, clarity, and a deeper understanding of yourself and your loved ones. Feeling nervous or anxious is just your body’s way of letting you know that you are in for something new and exciting. Allow all feelings to be as they are.

Once you sign up and receive your session time and date, it is important to spend a few minutes prior to your session writing down questions. Even if you don’t get to ask all of them, writing questions prepares you mentally for what is about to occur.

If you are having a psychic-only session or a combination psychic/channeling session, write questions about the specific areas where you most desire clarity. Keep your questions generic, meaning, don’t write, “I am married with two boys and my husband’s name is John and he’s been cheating on me and I want to know if you can tell me the name of the girl he’s been seeing.” All you need to ask is, “What do you see in my relationship with my husband?” Lysa will bring through the details about your relationship.

You can ask about anything, “What do you see in my career?  Do you see me having kids and if so, is it with my current mate? What do you see for my father’s health? Does my loved one who crossed over have anything to say to his son?” Lysa never comes through with yes or no answers. She brings through detailed validations to have you know she is tuning into your exact situation.

If you solely desire to connect with loved ones who have crossed over and don’t have psychic questions, still take a moment and write what you most desire to know from your loved ones, what is most important to you.

IMPORTANT: Please do not email Lysa your questions or any information about what you would like to receive from your reading and/or from having her connect with your loved ones who have crossed over. Prior to your reading, do not email her details about anything in your life. This is to preserve the integrity of your reading. 

Before your session time, make sure you tell your family or anyone else around you to not interrupt. Sit in a location where you feel safe and comfortable, and take at least two minutes to breathe and get centered before calling the session phone number. Also, make sure you have water beside you.

If you desire to hold something of your loved one’s, Lysa is known for pointing out what you are holding during a session. Holding something of theirs just connects you with their energy more deeply as Lysa connects with them, but it is not essential to do this to have a powerful session.

Lastly, allow your soul to surrender and trust; to be open and receptive to the information that comes through. If Lysa says something during your session that doesn’t make sense to her, she will tune into the spirit to gain clarity on what they are attempting to have her say. She doesn’t press you for answers or details. All you need to do is be open, be receptive, and be ready for a transformational, healing experience of light and love.