As a child Lysa Mateu didn’t hide under her covers and say to her mommy, “I see dead people.”

Her life as a psychic medium began when someone else’s ended.

On November 1st….

As Lysa is eating breakfast, her ex-boyfriend, Charley, is riding his bicycle to the Lincoln Blvd Overpass of the Santa Monica Freeway.

As Lysa is clearing the dishes, Charley is climbing over the ledge.

As Lysa jumps in the shower, Charley jumps.

And her life as a Psychic Medium... begins.

Lysa Mateu is a Psychic Medium like no other! Is it because she’s given over 12,000 readings in less than five years, driving 17000 miles to do 68 Barnes & Noble events across the country, selling 10,000 copies of her self-published book, Conversations with the Spirit World, in 12 months?

Is it the way her astoundingly accurate readings have garnered the attention of worldwide media and cast her as the cover story on Entertainment Tonight, FOX News, ABC, CBS & NBC News, New York Daily News, Howard Stern, Loveline, Star 98.7 with Ryan Seacrest, Court TV, and Fox TV’s Big Story with Rita Cosby?

Or is it because she is dedicated to helping people remember that no matter what happens, there is always a way to turn our wounds into wisdom and our pain into a renewed passion for life?

It is all of the above, and more. What makes a session with Lysa extraordinary is her belief that Everything is Possible. Whether she is doing a reading for a wife who lost her husband on Sept. 11, helping a little boy connect with his dad, or knocking on Chandra Levy’s door and doing a reading for her mother, Lysa combines her love of people with her commitment to help them remember who they really are and why they are here.

Lysa is one of the few psychic mediums that do 98 % of her psychic and mediumship readings over the phone. Full names, personal details, and instantly recognizable information come through because she has taken off the roof of limitation.

Lysa's newest book, PSYCHIC DIARIES, was put on the fast track at HarperCollins Publishers, going from its inception to publication in one year.

PSYCHIC DIARIES is the exhilarating, empowering, gut-wrenching, and often humorous real-life stories of what Lysa goes through while channeling the dead and bringing inspiration and insight to the living.

MTV signed with Lysa to star in, executive produce, and create the groundbreaking series, BREAKTHROUGH

She is also a 3rd degree Brown Belt in Shotokan Karate and a Silver Medalist at the U.S. Nationals.

She is currently doing what she does with all her life experiences, writing about what she has learned about loss, life, and love….

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