Letters to Lysa



It's been a long time since we talked and I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your help. 

In 2008, we experienced the unexpected birth and death of our daughter, Erica. 

I contacted you our of desperation of wanting to connect with her to know she was okay. The session we had was amazing experience and I wanted to let you know.

One of the things that you told me was that we would have another child and how we would know that this child has the spirit of Erica is that something would happen or line up with the dates. 

We conceived our child one year to the date that Erica passed from the realm of earth that we know.  I thank you for sharing your gift during my time of need and helping me.


Thank you so much. 


Kind Regards,


Aimee Torres


Dear Lysa, 

I need to tell you that because of the reading that I had with you we have found my daughter that has been missing for a year and a half.

Some of the things that you told me started a chain of events that ended up with her boyfriend confessing to murdering her and we have recovered her body which he had buried in his yard.  This is certainly not what I expected but he is being charged with first degree murder and I can stop searching for Jessica. 

I will be grateful to you forever for the work you do and the help you give others in bridging the gap between the two worlds. 

My love and unending gratitude to you Lysa. 

- Louise Armstrong


Dear Lysa,

You channeled my son who passed away in December. I just wanted to convey to you our gratitude. We have listened to the tape on numerous occasions. Every time we listen, more information becomes validated. The evidence in the reading was so compelling that our son’s consciousness continues.

You brought through details that no one knew. These details were not vague. They were accurate details about the circumstances surrounding his death. Your reading has provided our family with a sense of peace we would not have if it were not for you. Many people have listened to our reading in the family. Everyone has had a profound reaction to its content. That single reading has impacted and enlightened many lives. It is my opinion that you have provided proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that life continues beyond physical death. You are truly the gold medalist of psychic mediums.

We are sending you a song that my son re-mixed before his death. The name of the track is: “The Other Side”. Our son was a DJ. He would mix music using vinyl records to produce his own version. Many of his friends tell me he was a genius at mixing. Ironically, the name of his album is, “It Is Me”. We thought the lyrics were so appropriate for your work. Our sons DJ name was Lucid Child. He was a kind and caring soul in this life. His wisdom was evident for such a young person. To this day he is teaching us a great deal about life and how to live it.

You have touched our lives beyond words. You are truly a gift to mankind. We say this from the heart.

God Bless you, thank you,

The Collins Family


Hi Lysa,

Several months ago, I was led to your book - Psychic Diaries. Now I, my wife, Pam, and my daughters Heather, Kristen and Nicole have all read it (twice each!!!) Wow. Also I, Pam and Heather & her husband Cory attended your workshop in Fort Lauderdale in January.  We loved it.

We feel that reading your book and attending your workshop was in preparation for an event which occurred on April 16.

On that date, my 25-year--old son, Stephen was instantly killed in an auto accident.

What a shock, but what a comfort to know he is still around us.

Our whole family literally is in "overwhelm" after your session with Stephen and us. It was special, gave us peace that Stephen is definitely with us yet and provided us with information about his death and life that we suspected but really were not sure about. I am certain his twin brother, Jonathan, will be contacting you for a session in the future.

As Stephen said, Jonathan was not open to this when we did our session, but he now appears to be rapidly coming around. Stay tuned. Again thank you for your wonderful session with us and for "just being you". You're terrific.

With love,  Ed Kuiper


Dear Lysa,

In August of this year, I had the worst possible tragedy happen to my 2-year-old son and myself. My husband of 5 years passed away very unexpectedly. We had just moved into our first home together 3 months prior to his crossing. He was only 27 years old and worked very hard to support his family.

Needless to say I was devastated my world had fallen apart in an instance. I became very depressed and withdrawn from everyone. My only reason for waking up in the morning was knowing that he would have wanted me to take care of our son and not fall apart. After he had passed I had so many questions as to why this would happen to me, to us, to our son. He was so young and at the time I had no idea how he crossed and what happened to him that night. So for the FIRST TIME ever I decided to get a reading. And you made me a believer that there is life after death and that he is here with me. The personal things that you told me about our marriage amazed me, and you were able to tell me how he died.

When I got the autopsy reports back and they stated his cause of death I was in shock!

I instantly remembered that I was told the same thing in my reading with you. I have to tell you that Psychic Diaries was the first book I ever read on the spirit world and your reading was the first reading I ever had and I am now a firm believer that Billy is here with me. And I find so much comfort in that. For months I had no closure, no answers, and after speaking to you and listening to you channel my husband I was so relieved to have finally gotten answers. I cried that night after our session for the first time in months I felt him there with me, on the phone with us. Lysa, I can’t thank you enough I can finally start to begin to live again and know that he is right here with me for the ride.

Love Always, Michelle Diaz


Dear Lysa,

I am still in awe of the session we had last week in which you connected me with my recently deceased mother as well as my brother who died over five years ago.

When you channeled my mother's spirit, you described to me in perfect detail the circumstances surrounding her passing.  You also gave me messages that even you could not figure out - these were private words that she spoke to me (through you!) and only she and I can decipher them. My mother and I had an unusually strong bond, and you were able to see that and accurately describe my love for her as almost a type of "worship."  I still worship my mother and our life together.  I am so comforted in knowing that she is on the other side, still a vibration of life in another place, still watching, giving advice, and loving her children from afar.

At the end of our reading, you told me that my mother was showing you a small pig, and then you hummed a little and finally said, "Charlotte's Web. She's showing me Charlotte's Web."  There is no way that you could have known that Charlotte's Web has been my favorite book since I was a little girl.  Only my mother would have known that sending me the words "Charlotte's Web" would identify her to me.  I quoted passages from that book from my school days up until the days before my mother passed this year. Lysa, thank you for passing on the wonderful message!

With much love,

Leslie Perea


G'day Lysa,

I'm absolutely blown away. In the last session, you kept mentioning something about a head stone with a guitar etched into it with Nicole's name on it. I have to admit that at the time I thought you were totally wrong, and it wasn't possible because I hadn't thought of doing it and didn't think anyone else would either.

Then, on Thursday night (after the Saturday session) I had a call from Nikki's dad who informed he'd had a head stone being made for a memorial site with a guitar and an angel being etched into it either side of Nicole's name!! I nearly fell off my seat and then started laughing and crying at the same time.

I can't begin to tell you how I felt at that moment, but it's certainly made a difference to me. I've even started writing music again. Last night while I was reading my bedside light turned off and back on. I asked if it was Nicole and said to make it flick once for yes and twice for no. Within a minute it flicked once! It's never done that before so I believe it was Nicole. Fantastic!

Love, Ken Knox in Australia


Hi Lysa!

I've been meaning to write to you for a while now to tell you what has happened since my reading with you. You were right!  My grandfather must be helping me!  He is keeping my ex away from me, and my family.  You were also correct when you said that my ex would stop paying child support.  His last payment to me was over 9 months ago.  I don't care though.  My daughter is very happy, and we just had a court order to approve her name change!  She now shares our last name, not her biological father's. That is truly a blessing!

You also told me that we would be welcoming a new baby girl into our family.  I found out I was pregnant in March, but was told I was having a boy. I was a little disappointed, but only because I trusted that we were going to have a girl.  Well, December 13th we had a GIRL!!  You were right again!  I want you to know that I am very grateful for everything you've done for me.  It's absolutely amazing that a psychic reading can be so very comforting and therapeutic!

Thanks again!

Kami Walker



I had reading with you on April 13 for my Fiance and my Dad.  It was truly unbelievable. I had been to John Edward and James Van Praagh and even though they didn't "come thru" there - I knew in my heart they were with me. You even validated that in my reading.

There are no words to describe the feeling of actually connecting for the first time.  Thank you for your gift.  It brought me comfort knowing that what I felt was really them.  I played the tape for my fiance’s family and my family and I understand that they now all have appointments with you as well as a cousin who listened to the tape. The messages you brought through were so accurate and the personality and traits were as if they were both right there in the room with me.  I hung up feeling so "high" from this experience.

Much Love - Tammy Freyre


My dear Lysa,

Not surprisingly, the phone reading you gave me in the early evening of Thursday, September 28th flew by like one minute -- rather than one hour! Not only are you tremendously gifted, but you are one of the most refreshingly "real people" I have ever been blessed to receive a reading from in my life.  It is difficult to express how much I appreciate not only what you do -- but how moved I am by the warmth, good humor and grace you bring to doing it.

In closing, thank you again for everything, Lysa.  And while I know that my mother is never further away from me than a thought, I'm sure she would also want me to thank you for providing her with the opportunity to share her messages.  Your bringing her unmistakable essence through to me so beautifully and fully intact some two and one half years since she crossed over (and the day before my birthday)...well, nothing could have meant more.

With all love & peace,

Linda Papciak XOXO


Dearest Lysa,

I just ordered another session with you... I wanted you to know, since my last session w/you about 2 or 3 months ago, you were, not surprisingly, RIGHT ON THE MARK, and for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have helped me with decisions in my life at the time of our session, and I followed your insight and am in a better place than before...Thank You!!! You are such a gift Lysa, and I thank God for that!!...

Love, Michele Connelly


Hi Lysa,

You did a reading for my brother Bernard and his wife Mary in Texas a couple of months ago.  I just received a copy of his tape.  Boy, you're good! They are so happy over their reading and Everything made sense to them.  Mary said it changed her life and a lot of her anger and resentments have dissolved. You made an impact on the both of them.

Love to you, Lysa! -- Bertie Millner



My mom and I had a reading with you on the 28th of Feb.  I listened to it again with my daughter. I was shocked!! She smiled because you referred to a Michael David, and I was so focused on my brother, Iven Glyn, that I failed to realize you mentioned my ex-husband's name.  I had been thinking of my ex-husband, as I wanted to hear from him very much but wanted to focus on my brother's passing for my Mom. I don't believe this was an accident.

The night after the reading, I had a dream about Mike, who was also known by another name, just like you said, Zeke, in which he saves me and I got to get a full hug from him. What you gave me was precious, as we had not spoken for 20 years or so. I'll always be grateful for that and my daughter received a conformation with this as well. I'm so happy you have come into our lives.

Much Love, Karen Thompson


Dear Lysa,

In my reading last week, you brought thru my friend John who died 6 yrs ago.  He talked about my fat, sluggish cat, with the distended belly, with intestinal problems that he said I knew was having health problems. I have 3 cats but I knew exactly whom he was talking about.  I knew this one was having some troubles but I didn't know how badly. He had been throwing up more than usual lately, but he has always been prone to throwing up. 

You told me to get him to the vet ASAP.  I did within the week, and 1 week later his tests revealed diabetes.  I never realized he was so sick.  The vet said I was lucky to have brought him in when I did. The funny thing is, I just had him in to the vet about a month ago and putting him though these tests never came up.  I told the vet that you had relayed John's message to me about him needing to go to the vet, and she ordered the tests. And bingo!! - Diabetes!! He's going to be ok - with insulin shots and strict diet to reduce his weight! When he loses the weight, the diabetes could go away. We're so lucky. - I'm so lucky and thankful.  Thank you Lysa and John for saving my boy Rocky. He's my little buddy, and I love him dearly.

Love, Cindy Chira


Dear Lysa,

I just got the tape yesterday from my session with you last Wednesday.  My wife and I both listened to it last night and we made some additional connections between things you said and events that I hadn't known about but my wife did. There is no question in our minds that you were communicating with Shana and passing information from her back to us. I want to tell you that my session with you has been a very good thing for me.

It has helped to let go of my doubts that Shana was still connected to me and that she was actually helping me.  It has also helped me to find the confidence & courage to go ahead and do what I really want to do but was afraid to do. I am going to be spending most of my time and energy playing & composing music and even performing.  I have no idea where that is going to take me, or how I can make a living doing it but I am willing to live with that uncertainty for now and do it anyway.

I also wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your book, "Psychic Diaries". Thank you very much.  I hope that I will be able to meet you in person.

With love & gratitude, Rick Coupland


Dear Lysa,

My Mother and I just had a reading with you after my brother passed suddenly in Jan. of this year.  I can't tell you how much comfort you gave us, especially my Mom, hope and reassurance.  This made a world of difference in my Mom's outlook as she was blaming herself and wasting away before my eyes. 

After your reading, she slept for 2 days; regaining the strength she expended on grief.  She is doing much better!  We are so grateful.  Bless you so much, for all you do to help us, and others, like us. Your book came into our lives at just the right time, (I know this sounds like a commercial!), because, we had 3 family members die within 9 months, who were under the age of 56 yrs old.  That's hard to take, but your book helped and talking to you was icing on the cake.  I do hope you write another book.

We love you!  - Karen and Sybil


Dear Lysa,

I just wanted to thank you so much for giving back to me someone who I thought was gone forever. After my father's suicide I was in a state of total devastation.  Then I read your book, which gave me insight into death by learning that there is something else and we really don't die.

I then set up a channeling session and I found that through you I could make contact with my dad in a way that I never thought possible. I discovered things about him that gave me peace.

Thank you for sharing your gift and helping me through some difficult times.

Light and Love, Linda


Hello Lysa,

I just wanted to thank you so much for our session. That was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. I am sorry that we went over the 90 minutes. We lost track of time. That session really helped and comforted all of us. Especially my father whom I could not believe even agreed to go with me in the first place. He is now a true believer! I am sure at some point I will be requesting another session. Thank you for sharing your gift with my family and all of the other people that you help. You are truly amazing!

-Lisa Templeton


Hi Lysa,

I just wanted to let you know, that was a great session that I had with you.  There were a few things that you told me that no one has ever told me when they claim to have channeled my father.

The validating information that you gave me not only confirmed that it was my father, but they were facts that I had never even realized myself.  You were also very accurate when you talked about my job and career situation.  My father kept pointing out in the session that I was like you in a lot of ways.  That is because I am also a practicing psychic medium, which you pretty much talked about toward the end of our session.  I also wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your book Psychic Diaries, and you are truly gifted.

Take care of yourself.  Love Always, Miranda


Dearest Lysa,

I am overwhelmed by our session on the phone. What you told me, and the information you gave, has been so very helpful!!! I know the direction I must face and I am taking your advice to heart. I had not heard from my Mother for 20 years now, since she crossed over, but it was like she was right there on the telephone with us, and as though no time at all had passed by. I have always believed in another "place" for everyone who has passed away, my Mother was an astute believer in this.  I think the reason I had to wait this long to hear from her was you!!! I KNOW that many who say that they communicate do not.  When I saw you on television and looked in your eyes I knew that you were what you claimed to be.

When she mentioned all of her things in one box she was talking about where the rest of her personal effects are (they are literally in one box).  My father had a fire in the basement of the house she crossed over in.  The boxes of all of her things perished in the fire, except for one very personal box of things. My father still has this. I've learned some great lessons and will, no doubt, keep learning more. I can hardly wait to schedule another reading with you!!!!!!!!!



Hi Lysa,

I was in awe that I listened to you connect with my daughter on the other side. It was even more amazing to me that you relayed much of the same information that you had presented to my other daughter in Mississippi weeks ago especially, since you were totally unaware that there was a connection between us until I informed you at the end of the session. I cannot begin to express my appreciation to you. My daughter, who crossed over, is so special and I will always love her but it has helped so much to have a better understanding of her crossing. I so admire the work you are doing and wish you the best.  I know you can help so many people as you truly have a gift.

Thank you again. Love, Sharon


Dear Lysa,

It has been a few days since you did my reading at the Barnes and Noble in Avon Indiana. The feeling of that night was immediately recaptured. Ten long years it has been since I lost my brother in that horrible wreck that has forever changed my life. Ten long years of pain and suffering, that is, until I met you.

The accuracy in which you brought details of Jason's life and the bond that we shared was simply astounding. Yes, you brought tears to my eyes, but for the first time in ten years they were not tears of pain. They were tears of relief and joy. Although I did not understand what you meant about the headphones at the time of my reading, I realized what it meant on my way home and felt I needed to tell you. When my brother and I were younger we were in the boy scouts. We had signed up for this club where you get prizes for selling greeting cards. We worked our butts off all summer selling greeting cards.

When we had enough points to get what we wanted we ordered our prizes. I bet you can’t guess what we ordered.... Headphone walkie-talkies... just like in top gun! When I remembered this, I cursed out loud and scared my wife who thought something was wrong. Nothing was wrong. Everything was right. For the first time in ten years I was at peace. I honestly feel that meeting you was part of my destiny and that I was lead to you by Jason. I thank you with all of my heart for the piece of mind that I now have knowing that Jason may be gone in physical form but his sprit remains. I know we will meet again.

-Harry Bean



I just wanted to thank you so much. I can finally say I feel at peace about the passing of my boyfriend, Tommy. He was diagnosed with cancer in July 1998. He went through chemo and radiation, but the cancer was so far gone he died 4 months later. I spent every day and night with him in the hospital. He was on 100% oxygen for the last few days of his life. It was about 9:30 when he looked at me and said he couldn't do it any more and could I please help him. I turned off his life support and held him until he died 4 hours later. He was like a fish out of water. I told him it was OK to go. For the longest time I didn't know if I did the right thing. I never told his family. I held this for so long. I knew he wanted to die but I felt so guilty.

Thank you again for helping me reach Tommy, and gaining some peace again in my life. I was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. I have been through two surgeries. Hopefully I won't need anymore. Tommy showed me courage in the face of death and you have shown me faith and hope. I pray to see him in my dreams every night or for some kind of sign. I never trusted in myself and over looked probably numerous "signs". Thank you again. You truly have a gift that can help many more like myself.

I am truly grateful to have met you.

Love, Gail Leadenham


Dear Lysa,

If you remember, I'm an artist...a painter... and since my reading, I can already tell a difference in my work. It has become looser and less rigid, which in turn makes me less rigid. It's like this ball of twine that was wound up really tight, and when it starts unraveling, it can't be stopped. For every action, there is a reaction, and my life is suddenly all about action. I hope you realize the importance of what you're doing. I know you do to a certain extent, but I think it is possibly more profound than you sometimes give yourself credit for. MY LIFE IS CHANGING... BIG TIME! I am not ignoring my inner voice, my gut feelings, anymore. And that is because of your gift.

Before I had a reading with you, I had almost become a total atheist. I just didn't see many signs that God existed. But for some reason, I heard you on Mix 102.9 in Dallas one morning, and then when I got to work downloaded your website, and now that I've communicated with some people that I love, I can't believe that I ever thought that!  It almost seems impossible, when I look outside the window and see just how amazing it all is.

The other night, I was in my studio, alone, painting, when I just stopped, put my tools down, and looked at my work. Nothing was finished and it was all basically a big mess trying to come together. But even then,

I had to stop and say out loud, 'look at what I can do,' Then - I just cried, out loud, and I had to thank God right there for letting me have this life. So... I did want to let you know how much I appreciate you, and your work. You and I are lucky. We get paid to do what you LOVE to do. Art. Mediumship. Writing. What a blessing. What a life. I hope yours just keeps getting better. I know mine does!

With Love -Scott Simons


Dear Lysa,

Hi, First off, I'd like to say that I bought your book, Conversations with the Spirit World, and it totally blew me away.  I think that your book had valuable lessons in it that I had to learn when I'd bought it earlier this year.  So I gotta thank you for publishing this book. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to end up buying a copy of Building a Bridge to the Other Side to help me figure out more of what mediumship is all about.  Anyway, I think you're doing some really great work to help humanity out, so I have to thank you for that, from one light worker to another.  You've got a real gift, and I hope you'll be able to help a lot of people with your talents.  They could sure benefit from what you have to offer.

Measure in love, - Theresa A.


Dear Lysa,

I spoke with you this morning on 104.1 Radio in New Orleans and really wanted to thank you. You are amazing! Not sure exactly how it worked, while I was waiting to speak with you, I decided that if you asked me to ask you a question I'd ask what my father thought about the new book I was writing. Of course, when I got on, all you asked was what person I wanted you to try to reach. Your responses astounded me. You came through with "Ma, Mark, Martin." Martin is the main character in the book who lived previously during the Civil War era and was named Mark.

Then to verify my dad was there, you said he was having trouble breathing or couldn't breathe. He died when I was 16 and I gave him mouth-to-mouth for nearly an hour before help arrived. Then you nailed me as someone who talks to himself a lot. Not out loud, but I am constantly living the lives of my characters in my head before I put them on paper. Like you said, it's in a good way, and I am never bored. Everything else you said was right on point too. It amazes me that you could confirm something so specific about my father, and then addresses the very issue that was in my head, without hearing anything from me other than I wanted to hear from my father. You have made a true believer out of me, and I feel really good now, knowing my Dad is still in my life.

Thank you, very much, Charlie Hebert

Author of "Swimming To Atlantis", "The Signing", and "Stolen Lives."


Lysa, after my session with you (the very next day) my father passed away.  During my session you had a message for my mother, and in our opinion this is the message that we think was trying to come through.  I would also like to just say thank you so much, since my session with you I smile so much more and cry so much less.  The messages you delivered to me helped so me so much with the closure of my husband’s suicide.  Thank you!  Keep in touch.

-Michelle Mays and Family


Dear Lysa:

I just want to say a huge THANK YOU for the reading you gave to me, and for giving me the opportunity to speak with my beloved partner Dan Souza once more.  Without my having to say a word about the reasons for our phone appointment, you described a male who crossed over after a period of physical deterioration, very determined to speak with me at length to thank me for staying by his side, communicating with him even when he could not respond prior to his passing. I love him still very much and I have had a very difficult time coming to terms with the loss of someone with whom I experienced a true soul connection.

Lysa, after the phone meeting with you and Dan, I now feel a tremendous relief in knowing that the connection between Dan and me has not ended even though his body is gone. The information you relayed to me confirms that Dan is indeed still around me and is okay, albeit "moseying around" as he is healing from the traumatic effects of his physical decline prior to his passing.

I am very grateful to you for sharing your tremendous gift of spirit transmission with the world, and with me.  I still am sad at times that I will no longer be able to share this physical space with him, but I am now content to know that, as you said to me, Dan will be the first person I will see, waiting for me at the end of the finish line of my life someday to meet me and help me when it is my turn to cross over. 

With Love and Blessings,

David Burkett


Lysa, I am amazed at your ability to connect with the other side, I just got of the phone with you, I only had 15 minutes and wasn't expecting to get too much, but you were so right on and validated soooo much for me. You are truly awesome! Thank you for the validation. It is the first reading I have ever had where I walked away fulfilled, and sure that you are authentic. Many blessings to you Lysa!

Love, Christine Donati


Dear Lysa,

My session with you was Dec.19th and you mentioned that my father had a ring he didn't wear a wedding ring. I really couldn't remember whether he ever had a ring since he never wore one. When I went home for Christmas and played the tape for my mother, she nearly fainted when she heard that. My parents had divorced briefly and remarried. The day I had the reading with you, my mom said she'd found the ring he used in that second wedding ceremony in a box in his drawer. She'd been looking at it, trying it on, in her mind telling him it was too big for her. As soon as she heard the tape, she showed me the ring and promptly put it on a chain she now wears around her neck.

You also asked me if there was a picture of me with Santa Claus. I'd had photos when I was little but nothing stood out in my mind. You were very emphatic about my father showing you a photo with Santa. The next morning as I prepared to leave for the airport, my fiance walked in the room holding a photo of my sister’s new baby with Santa that he'd just taken out of her Christmas card. (He doesn't know that I saw you by the way) He said, "Look honey, Here ís you sister’s baby with Santa," and handed me the photo. I wonder if that could be the photo you meant. It seemed strange since he usually doesn't open the mail from my family. It ís the only photo I received this year with Santa in it. My father may have known I would see it the next morning. What do you think?

My family members who heard the tape were amazed at the things that came up. Each one cried upon hearing it. Lysa, the reading really brought us a lot of comfort over the holidays as we continued to talk to him, and hang his stocking by the chimney. There is much more I could say about the details of some of the things you said that were on target. Thanks again, and Happy New Year!

Love, Donna Quinter


Hi Lysa,

I'm writing to give you a piece of information that I just learned that relates to a phone reading you did for me on May 15.  I requested the reading because someone related to me through marriage had been murdered and his widow, who was pregnant, was distraught.  The police still have no leads, as you predicted.  You had started the reading with a reference to William Tell and the arrow - and you mentioned an arrow piercing this man's heart. I didn't understand your reference since it was clear he died from being doused with gasoline and burned.

Much later though, the autopsy reports showed that Phil had a very large hole in his heart - large enough to cause the blood to flow in the wrong direction.  This was not anything anyone knew and he had had no symptoms. 

The doctors now say that this condition would probably have ended his life early anyway. I just thought you'd like to know that you zoomed in on something and this helps the family who are new to the idea of spirits living on, believe that Phil is around.

You also mentioned something about Phil's hair being "fluffy" and he being teased about it.  This meant nothing to widow, but both his sister-in-law and me immediately reacted - it was something they teased him about all the time.

Love always, Marsha Tomlinson



As has my mom, I too have had readings with John Edward and Suzane Northrop.  I have also had readings with Shelly Peck, Sandy Anastasi and Robert Brown (England). I spent a week in Barbados with them last year, which completely changed the focus in my life. Since then I have continued to try to develop myself through reading, taking courses, constant meditation, and generally through keeping in touch with the mediums from the retreat.

Even though you and I had no one-on-one contact on the cruise (other than your gracious signing of my copy of your book) and our subsequent appointment was on the phone and not face-to-face, I feel that I connected with you more than I did with any of the other mediums who have worked with me.

Firstly, I enjoy your personality and I like the fact that you seem to be close to me in age. John E. often behaves in a manner older than his years. You are straightforward, funny and compassionate at the same time. You are also unique in that you seamlessly blend the mediumship with the intuitive part. I know that everyone has his/her own style, but I find that I often feel more like an object than a human being during some of these readings. You work in a completely different manner. During our conversation you incorporated all facets of my personality, commented on the things that I am currently working on emotionally and psychically, and unmasked the person whom I am essentially--all while delivering messages from my dad and others whom I have lost. I want to share a specific revelation with you. I was asking you how I could learn to control when stuff comes to me and I started to relate an experience that I had with a little boy who came to me pre-dawn one morning. He had said, "John" to me. Right away, as you were answering my question about setting boundaries, you asked, "Who is Jo"?  I told you that I had a friend named Jo. You said, "The boy is telling me-Jo; the boy is for her". I thought, "cool, I'll keep that in mind". Later that same night, Jo called me out of the blue and asked me to meet her for a drink at around 10:00 pm. This was weird because Jo and I don't really speak much anymore.

Anyway, as we were sitting and talking I knew had to spring it on her--the message. She knows that I am learning all I can about mediumship, so I eased into it by talking about what I'm learning, etc. Then, I told her what happened to me, and what you said. She burst into tears and ran into the bathroom. It was definitely meaningful to her. I was happy that a connection had been made but sad that I had done something to bring about this obviously painful emotional outburst. We talked and I felt better about having delivered the message.

You made that possible. Regarding your book: something made me buy it on day 2 of that cruise. I didn't know anything about it but I knew I had to read it. Good thing I did because I was looking at that cruise as yet another turning point in my life. I had been suicidal during the months leading up to it. You and I talked a little about my problems with depression on the phone. It had been so bad in February and March that I was seriously considering checking out. I have never felt understood; I have always had to be the strong one. I was exhausted and all of my newfound faith confirmed my belief in the afterlife and I felt totally unafraid to die--a dangerous set of circumstances. I changed my mind as I read your book lying in the sun by the pool on the ship. I realized the degree of pain which I would cause my loved ones if I took my own life and I also realized that this life affords me a chance to follow my own path and make a positive difference in people's lives. How could I squander that opportunity? I cannot thank you enough for sharing the connections you made while writing that book. I'm cool now. I feel a genuine sense of purpose.

Back to the reading: you mentioned that my dad was cheering me on and he truly was my coach in life. Other mediums have related accurate facts about him, but you captured his personality. You also brought through a friend who had committed suicide a while back. Since my reading with you, she has come back to me with significant signs; I really think she is going to help me develop. You even gave me some great advice about pursuing my recent travels into the psychic realm. I truly benefited from having spoken with you.

Love, Noelle