Telephone Channeling Psychic Session

Lysa does 98 % of her sessions over the phone, offering you the healing experience of connecting with your loved ones who have crossed over as well as discovering psychic information about what matters most to you. Lysa always brings through the exact person (or people) with whom you desire to connect. You receive validation in the form of names, intricate details, personality traits, and other personal information.

If there is no one with whom you’d like to connect, your session can be purely psychic where you’ll receive insight and understanding about the relationships you share, the ways you interact, the fears that hold you back, and the truth that sets you free. After your session, you will feel a deep reverence for what you have been through, for the grief you still may be experiencing, and for the path you are now challenged to take. All sessions are recorded through the phone and the CD sent to you at no extra charge.

Once we receive your order, Lysa will email you within 48 hours with a proposed date and time plus session preparation instructions. If you have further questions, would like to mail a check, or make payments on your session, call her office at 310-820-0711

15 Minute Telephone Session = $295.


30 Minute Telephone Session = $395.

One Hour Telephone Session = $595.

In-Person Channeling Psychic Session

There is no difference in accuracy between an in-person session verses a phone session, yet an in-person session offers you the unique experience of seeing and feeling what Lysa goes through when she is channeling your loved ones or bringing through psychic information. She often takes on their mannerisms, speech patterns, and has you experience their spirit in a way you may never have before. It is an entirely transformational experience.

If there is no one with whom you’d like to connect, your session can be a purely psychic one. You can also choose to Share Your In-Person Session with a family member or friend. You’ll each receive a 45-minute reading with Lysa and a CD recording of your session!

After you sign up, you will receive an email within 48 hours offering you a proposed session date and time and directions to Lysa’s Los Angeles location.

In-Person Psychic and Channeling Session (1-2 people) = $795.

Psychic Development Sessions

Self-trust: The ability to increase the volume of your inner voice to hear and follow your highest path in life. To trust your instincts when it comes to people, places, and things, no longer hoping for random gut feelings but instead, being able to tune in and know the next steps you need to take. After one session, you will find that understanding, clarity, and self-validation replace self-questioning, fear, and doubt. You will begin to trust your instincts and follow what they say.

Psychic Development Phone Intensive                               

Psychic Development Workshop                           

Psychic Development CD